About Us

Helen Balzli, physical therapist and co-owner of Central Physical Therapy, has been treating patients in Central for more than 30 years. Helen has built Central Physical Therapy into one of the most successful physical therapy clinics in the region. Helen is the “heart and soul” of CPT and rightfully so. A teen-age brain injury patient herself, physical therapy was a big part of Helen’s recovery after car wreck that left her in a coma and paralyzed on one side. She knows the frustration people feel when they’re in pain and unable to function the way they could before. She is also living proof that there is life after injury.

Physical therapist and co-owner, Tom Coplin, oversees the administrative side of Central Physical Therapy. Meticulous in his efforts to ensure every aspect of the practice results in patient satisfaction, Tom is dedicated to excellence, having owned and operated as many as eight clinics at one time. Together with a staff of highly trained, experienced therapists, physical therapy assistants, and physical therapy technicians, Coplin and Balzli have built a practice filled with expertise. Their vision for the future is as ambitious as their drive to excellence in patient care. As their clinic grows to meet the demands of one of the fastest growing cities in the state, Helen, Tom, and their dedicated staff will continue their commitment to the City of Central and their patients.