Fall Prevention

A fall at any age can bring serious health consequences, but for the elderly, it can be life- threatening. Statistics show that 25% of seniors who suffer a hip fracture from a fall will die within one year. Many who survive lose their independence and need some form of ongoing medical care or a nursing home.

To help prevent falls, Central Physical Therapy utilizes the Biodex Fall Risk Screening System. A variety of tests helps to pinpoint the reasons someone is at risk for falls. While balance is the issue for many people, in some cases, problems can also be traced to a lack of strength in certain parts of the body.

Once the data is in, physical therapist Richard O’Quinn uses his extensive training and expertise to craft a personalized training plan for patients. Whether they are exercises that help someone regain their sense of balance or strength training to offset muscle weakness that are increasing the risk for fall, the Biodex Fall Prevention System has proven to be a powerful tool. To learn more watch this video.

In some cases, Biodex training has been shown to enhance athletic performance. For more information, visit our Concussion Management/Sports Injuries section.