We Are Your Movement Experts

“I had my PT care back in Jan-Feb. of this year with my neck. I have had very good results since then...my neck (is) not bothering me. The laser and the other piece that you placed on the part that was hurt, (it bumped - not a good word) but it made it feel really good too. The exercises have helped me with my back and now that I am finished I am doing them at home, I am hoping that the exercises will help me to build strong muscles to keep my back pain to (from coming back) again.”
– from Patient Satisfaction Survey

When a patient comes to Central Physical Therapy for the first time, it is often their first visit with a physical therapist. Most of our patients are referred by doctors (though they do not have to be) or by word of mouth, and they don’t really know what to expect. They are often pleased (and surprised) to learn that physical therapists are a key component of their healing journey. Here’s how:

Physical therapists are movement experts who improve quality of life through prescribed exercise, hands-on care, and patient education. We meet patients where they are at any stage of life to help them function better. While many patients come to us with injuries, some people visit us to become healthier, prevent future problems, or optimize athletic performance. We have the ability to change lives, one exercise at a time.

At Central Physical Therapy, we’ve spent decades researching and practicing innovative therapy techniques, including aquatic therapy, cold laser treatment, dizziness and balance therapy, fall prevention, concussion management, neuromuscular therapy, and more. We also use the Graston Technique, which features an instrument that is brushed over sore muscles to smooth and heal soft tissue. Each physical therapist and physical therapist assistant is certified in various therapies to help you or a loved one recover or prevent injuries.

Like doctors, lawyers, and other licensed professionals, physical therapists attend “graduate” school, also known as physical therapy school. Many physical therapists spend a few extra years earning their doctorates in physical therapy. When you visit an experienced physical therapist, you are literally in good hands. We are in a great position to help you heal.

Of course, while physical therapists further your recovery, the best way to prevent injuries and increase energy is through a healthy diet and regular exercise. Try going for a 20-minute walk today with someone you care about, and call your physical therapist with any questions.