Shape. Tone. Sculpt.

Since it appeared on the world market a few years ago, vibration exercise technology has caused a small revolution. The secret is that anyone can achieve remarkable results in a short period of time. Exercising on this fitness machine improves muscle tone, flexibility, and movement. Using the FitVibe also promotes weight loss and cellulite reduction, as well as prevents osteoporosis.

A special vibrating platform stretches the muscles that activate the tonic vibration reflex. The platform vibrates 30-50 times per second, which triggers muscle contractions that happen at the same speed. Not only do the muscles relax and contract at a high speed, but the vibration also activates 95-97% of muscle fibers. The result is a level of toning deep within the muscle, which is difficult to achieve without vibration technology.

Changing the acceleration increases the efficiency causing much less stress on ligaments and joints. With this technology, training time is reduced and efficiency is increased. It is possible to notice improvement with two-to-three workouts per week.