Aquatic Therapy

Currently Postponed Due to Covid-19

Gentle Aqua Fit:
Aquatic therapy--perfect therapy for people suffering from pain, joint pain, muscle pain, fibromyalgia, and arthritis. At Central Physical Therapy, our therapy pool is kept at the optimal pain management temperature of 92 degrees. We have a chair lift than can support up to 300lbs that allows entry into the pool without the stairs. A skilled therapist will always work with you to address any pain you have. Easy on the joints, this gentle warm water class combines gentle aquatic stretching, yoga, Ai Chi, strengthening, and light cardio. Perfect for anyone wanting to workout without any the pain.10 person limit.


  • Classes are at noon everyday
  • One class is $12
  • 5 classes = $60
  • 10 classes = $100