Sports Injury

  • Central PT Sports Injury
  • Central PT Sports Injury

Central Physical Therapy's Sports Physical Therapy specialists work closely with athletes, parents, trainers, and coaches to offer thorough evaluation and screenings to assess an athlete’s level of risk, as well as provide tools and instruction appropriate to the sport or activity. We provide a full range of high-level rehabilitation including warm-ups, stretches, and exercises to build strength, conditioning, balance and flexibility. We also educate on proper sports equipment, braces, orthotics, and foot wear to reduce the risk of injury.

One of the greatest risks in injury prevention is returning to a sport too soon after being injured. At Central Physical Therapy we strive to get our athletes back in the game as quickly and as safely as possible. It is important not to push yourself to play through pain. Our specialists have the knowledge and experience to clear an athlete for a safe return to the game or activity.

We treat all athletic injuries and athletes of all types.  This includes traditional sports, dance, cheerleading injuries, running and throwing analysis, and injury prevention.  From youth to the pros, our sports medicine team provides comprehensive care for all athletic injuries, from minor sprains to concussions.  Whether you play competitively or just for fun, our experts will get you back in the game as quickly and safely as possible

Commonly treated conditions at Central Physical Therapy include:

  • Ankle sprains
  • ACL injury/rehabilitation
  • Post-fracture rehabilitation